Covid: Baby starved for two days beside dead mother in India


A  baby has been discovered two days after his mother had died inside their home near Maharashtra’s Pune.
Maharashtra’s Pune is an area in India that has recorded countless deaths relating to the Covid-19 crisis, which reported up to 771 deaths in 24 hours on Thursday.
According to NDTV, the stench from the house forced the landlord to call on the police, as no one dared touch the body for fear of covid.
The police, who broke into the house, found the 18-month-old baby close to his mother who had been dead for two days, leaving it to starve during the entire period.
Police constables Sushila Gabhale and Rekha Waze carried and fed the baby as neighbors drew back from touching the child.
Rekha pointed out that the child was healthy, apart from a little fever.

“The child had a little fever when we showed him to the doctor. He told us to feed him well, the rest is fine. After feeding the baby biscuit with water, we took the child to the government hospital for a corona test,” she said.

“I also have two children, one eight, one six. The baby felt like my own child, he drank milk very quickly as he was very hungry,” Gabhale said.
The baby was transferred to a government creche after the baby’s covid test came out negative.
However, it is not known whether the mother had covid as the autopsy is yet to reveal the cause of her death.
According to the Crime Police Inspector, Prakash Jadhav, the woman’s husband had reportedly gone to Uttar Pradesh for work.
“We are waiting for him to return,” Jadhav had said.

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