Virginity does not protect from fibroid -IVF expert



Renowned fertility expert, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, has said that virginity does not protect a woman from being affected with fibroids.
Ajayi, who is the Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer at Nordica Fertility Centre, said this on Thursday while speaking on Nigerian Info 99.3 FM ‘s Morning Crossfire show.
Speaking on fibroids, the doctor pointed out that being a virgin does not stop a woman from being diagnosed with fibroids.
He, however, stated that the older a woman gets before she has a baby, the more prone she becomes to having fibroids.
“The older you become before you have a baby, the higher the chance that you’ll have fibroids,” he said.
He further stated that pregnancy supplements, also, are not a factor that leads to fibroids.
According to the doctor, fibroid is a “natural lifetime risk”, as the condition has nothing to do with a woman’s sexual activity or what she takes in or not.

The doctor went further to talk about how fibroids can be managed or treated, pointing out the factors that determine the techniques that will be deployed.

“There are many options when it comes to management and the things that we look out for are the symptoms, the size of the fibroid, the location of the fibroid and the woman’s fertility aspirations.
“These are the things that shapen the way we go about managing patients with fibroids,” Ajayi said.
He also pointed out that not all fibroids need to be treated.
“There’s what we call expectant management; where you really don’t do anything. You just follow the fibroids and see whether It’s going to be in the way or if it’s better left like that,”he said.
He further revealed that another way to manage fibroids is the use of drugs.
He said, “Usually, the drugs that you use for fibroids are not useful for those who still want to have babies and get pregnant because these drugs can prevent you from getting pregnant.”

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Lastly, the doctor suggested surgical operations as a treatment for fibroids.

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