‎Why we increased fares… Uber


‎Uber Nigeria has explained that it increased its transport fare regime in order to provide better earnings for driver partners and also remain affordable for commuters.

Uber had on Tuesday increased fares on UberX, the most popular private car service that Uber has to offer.

The firm added that the new fare structure was to enable the it invest in a technology system that would keep riders and drivers safe on the road.

The company said, “After implementing a number of driver roundtables and in-depth earnings reviews to gather drivers’ feedback and insights on current operating conditions, we made the decision to increase uberX fares in Nigeria as of Tuesday, 6 October 2020.

“A minimum fare will now cost N400 to N500, while the fare per kilometre has been increased from N60 to N65 and base fare increased from N200 to N220.

“We believe that this small increase will still make it possible for riders to access affordable transport whilst providing better earnings for driver partners.

“The new fare structure means that we can invest even further in Uber’s new and existing technology – with improvements that we’ve recently introduced to help keep riders and drivers safe on the road.

“They include info in-app, mask verification, safety checklist, a new health and hygiene feedback system as well as providing drivers with masks and sanitising reimbursements, and reimbursements to PPE.

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“With injury protection on trip for both riders and drivers and the safety tools in the Uber app, riders and drivers are able to enjoy every ride with more peace of mind to keep you connected and protected.”

It added that Uber’s standard service fee was 25 per cent which covered the cost of running the Uber app, and the the service fee was utilised to provide drivers with dedicated support from various support channels.

Uber noted that it operates a collaborative business model which allowed driver partners access income-earning opportunities that were out of reach just a few years back.

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