Buratai emerges African Stewardship Magazine Man Of the Year 2020


The African Stewardship Magazine, an international news magazine published to promote democracy, good governance, unity and progress as well as socio-economic development, has named Nigeria’s Army Chief, Gen Tukur Buratai as the African Stewardship Magazine man of the year 2020.

This according to the management of the magazine is in recognition of his efforts and indeed that of the entire officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army in decimating Boko Haram terrorists and armed bandits in Nigeria.

“Just as the United States Army veteran Gen Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. said – “It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle”, and so for his
gallantry, Professionalism and effective leadership in leading troops into battle and holding troops in the various theatres of operation amidst glaring inadequacies and deprivations, and yet drastically eliminate terrorists, armed bandits among other contemporary Security challenges – Gen Buratai clearly deserves this award in all objective standards of human judgement” – said the publisher/Editor-in-Chief Mr Abraham Sule Awodi.

Similarly, as Gen Schwarzkopf said “When placed in command, take charge” – Gen. Buratai is no doubt in command/charge of the Nigerian Army resulting in the stability of the force and our country’s democracy. For a Gen with these sterling qualities in developing nation like ours, he indeed merit this kind of award and many more, – the magazine said.

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Among other parameters for the award included building and taking training, welfare and infrastructural development for the Nigerian Army to an enviable position, and for his patriotic commitment to peace, security and development of the country.

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