Edo, Amazon Web Services to train school leavers, diploma students to launch careers in cloud computing


The Edo State Government through the State Skills Development Agency (EdoJobs) is collaborating with the Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s re/Start programme in training young school leavers and National Diploma (ND) certificate holders to launch early careers in cloud computing.

The programme is integral to the state government’s drive to upskill its youthful population to become productive, take up career opportunities and compete favourably in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

AWS re/Start Global Team Lead, Tejas Vashi, said, “The industry demand for cloud adoption is far outpacing the number of new, cloud-savvy workers, leaving organisations struggling to find and hire the talent needed to implement cloud services.

“To overcome this systematic supply versus demand situation, cloud talent must be cultivated from non-traditional sources. AWS re/Start brings “net-new” talent into the cloud ecosystem by skilling unemployed and underemployed individuals with little to no technology background and preparing them to launch a cloud career.”

According to the Managing Director, EdoJobs, Mrs. Ukinebo Dare, “The AWS re/Start is a skills development programme that prepares learners for entry-level careers in the cloud. The program’s mission is to build local talent by providing AWS Cloud skills development and job opportunities to unemployed or underemployed populations.

“EdoJobs will help support learners throughout the AWS re/Start program and help learners launch a career in the cloud. Together, AWS re/Start and Edo State Skills Development Agency (EdoJobs) are excited to help individuals launch a career in cloud computing.”

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Noting that the training would help the learners build profitable careers, she said, “AWS re/Start and Edo State Skills Development Agency (EdoJobs) are excited to collaborate to build an inclusive and diverse global pipeline of new cloud talent by focusing on unemployed and underemployed populations and helping them launch entry-level cloud careers.

“Each cohort of learners, supported by professional mentors and accredited trainers, completes a 12-week training featuring real-world scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework.  AWS re/Start provides learners with resume and interview coaching to prepare for employer meetings and interviews to launch an entry-level cloud career.

“Edo State Skills Development Agency (EdoJobs) will connect learners with potential hiring employers. Learners who do not receive a job placement following the conclusion of their cohort will receive feedback on growth areas to prepare them for future success.”

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