Madagascar’s COVID-Organics can’t cure coronavirus disease… FG



The Federal Government has said Madagascar’s herbal remedy, COVID-Organics, cannot cure the dreaded coronavirus disease.

Director General of National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Dr Peter Adigwe, made the claim while responding to questions concerning the research conducted by the agency on the Madagascar herbal remedy.

NIPRD is an agency of the Federal Government that is responsible for the development of drugs and vaccines.

Analysis carried out by NIPRD on COVID-Organics did not show any evidence that the drug can cure the disease, Adigwe said.

Explaining further, he said “The Minister gave us the mandate to find out if COVID-Organics can cure COVID-19 and we did not get any evidence that it can.

“This is because our analysis shows there is no evidence that it can cure COVID-19. There is no evidence for that.”

He added that Madagascar officials are not providing enough information on the drug.

“I cannot tell you what they have done. I can only tell you what we have done here.

“The analysis we gave in our report is more detailed than anything that had come from their country.

“They are hiding the analysis of their own product. If you go online, you cannot get the level of analysis that we gave.

“They are hiding a lot of things and I think it is possible that they know that they don’t have strong science backing up their claim.

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“But our own analysis does not show any proof that it can cure COVID-19,” he said.

Adigwe disclosed that the agency was working on a cure for the disease, although he noted that “science takes time and it also needs a lot of money”.

“There is one product we have that is having a lot of promise.  We have finish passing it through the pre-clinical studies.

“Where we are now is that we are trying to package it for the clinical trial and that is a great deal of works.

“We are moving in a forward direction. We have hope that the product will give a succour,” he said.

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