NDDC probe: Pondei’s slumping was not real… Rep‎

The member ‎representing Ethiope Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Ben Igbakpa, has said the acting managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Prof. Kemebradikumor Pondei, was ‘acting’ when he slumped while answering questions from lawmakers. ‎
Igbakpa, who spoke on Channels Television, said the incident was ‘unreal’.
A video of Pondei slumping while being grilled with questions by the lawmakers had gone viral in the social media‎
‎Igbaka suggested that the NDDC official resorted to faking the ‘slump’ because he could not provide any answer to the questions that were being asked. ‎
Reacting to the development, Igbaka said, “The video of Prof. Pondei slumping will forever remain on the internet for years to come. His children will grow up to see it and they will ask him questions that why were you asked by the lawmakers to the extent that you had to die if you are really dying?
“I never believed his ‘dying’ was genuine, it cannot be genuine, I respect life.
“Everybody was worried over what happened, but in less than two hours he left the hospital.
“He actually came with a plan which was to sit before the committee chairman and tell him we cannot talk before you because he (committee chairman) is an interested party.
“A professor with a lot of brains suddenly became dumb. But he came and met a different game, and obviously couldn’t talk and had to do that.
“I knew it was not real and he was pretending because my inner spirit did not tell me it was real.”
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