Presidency reveals plans to restrict State House Clinic to ‘privileged few’‎ ‎


The ‎Presidency has announced plans to restrict the services of the State House Clinic to ‎the President and Vice President, as well as their families and members of staff working in the Presidential Villa.

Permanent Secretary of the State House, Tijani Umar, revealed the plan at a two-day Service Improvement Plan Workshop in Abuja‎ on Thursday.

Umar said the services of the clinic was meant for those he described as ‘a privileged few’. ‎

He described other members of the society who have been receiving treatment at the hospital as ‘hangers-on’ who‎ are not entitled to the services of the health facility.

Umar stressed that efforts are being made to ‎bring back the clinic to its original status to enable it provide efficient service to the ‘privileged few’ who are entitled to its services.

The Permanent Secretary said, “‎We are going to trim down the number of unentitled people. U‎nentitled bringing constraints to us, bringing issues, that’s all.

“If you have given children in your house neighbours send like 20 every evening to come, your pot will not be enough. That’s what we are saying.

“This will assist us to look at those areas requiring improvement. The biggest room in the world is room for improvement.

“The clinic used to be a yardstick for performance measurement in the medical enclave and pride of the highly trained and experienced personnel working there.

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“However, over the recent years, it was observed that services rendered at the clinic to the privileged few suffered a noticeable decline to almost zero service delivery.

“This resulted in a mockery of the facility and loss of confidence by its customers on its ability to render effective service.

“In an effort to upturn this ugly trend and revive its past glory, the State House Management reversed the Medical Centre profile granted the facility, to its original status of Clinic, in order to limit the number of patients it handles and also maintain the original purpose it was created for.”‎

Umar explained that in order to improve service delivery in the clinic, an outpatient survey was conducted in October 2019 by the SERVICOM National Office and the State House SERVICOM unit.

He said a report from the survey is being reviewed in order to propose an action plan involving short, medium and long term measures that will improve service delivery in the clinic.

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