TUC faults Buhari for comparing Nigeria with Saudi Arabia, other countries 


The Trade Union Congress has faulted President Muhammadu Buhari for comparing Nigeria with Saudi Arabia and some other countries in his independence anniversary broadcast.

The union said the comparison suggests that Buhari was defending fraud and the impoverishment of Nigerians.

Buhari had, in the broadcast, ‎said it makes no sense for oil to be cheaper in Nigeria than Saudi Arabia‎.

‎The President said, “Chad, which is an oil-producing country, charges N362 per litre. Niger, also an oil-producing country, sells oil at N346 per litre. Ghana, another oil-producing country, petroleum pump price is N326 per litre. Further afield, Egypt charges N211 per litre. Saudi Arabia charges N168 per litre. It makes no sense for oil to be cheaper in Nigeria than in Saudi Arabia.”

Reacting to the development, TUC, ‎in a statement by its President, Comrade Quadri Olaleye, said the comparison was not necessary because Nigeria was not at par in all ramifications with Saudi Arabia and the other countries.

“The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) condemns the comparison made by the Federal Government in its address earlier today. The comparison with a country like Saudi Arabia was unnecessary because we are not at par in all ramifications with Saudi Arabia and the countries mentioned. It is like comparing black and white. It is that bad!,” the statement said.

TUC added that Nigeria’s leaders have not made any meaningful achievement with huge revenue generated from oil.

The union noted that Nigeria’s leaders have squandered and looted the country’s resources without developing the country.

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The statement added, “Come to think of it, what has Nigeria achieved with all the money made from oil since over six decades of oil exploration in commercial quality? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. All successive leaderships have done is loot, launder and buy properties in foreign land.

“In many of these countries money does not move around the way it does in Nigeria. Our politicians spray dollars at weddings in Nigeria! They use foreign hospitals, shop abroad and do all manner of crazy things.

“So, if the President is defending the hike, what does he want to do with the surplus they will make from the hike? The same old story of providing infrastructure! Our roads are nothing but death traps. Our leaders are not patriotic at all.”

TUC further noted that many of Buhari’s appointees are corrupt.

“The president may not be corrupt but he has NOT been able to check his appointees. Many are very corrupt. Government is robbing Peter (masses) to pay Paul (politicians and cronies). It is ungodly and evil in the sight of God,” the union said.

‎TUC stressed that the comparison made by Buhari amounted to defending fraud and the impoverishment of Nigerians.

The statement ‎added, “It is unarguable that in Nigeria everyone is a local govt but in Saudi roads, water, and to some extent job are not big issues. PHCN gives over 70% of Nigerians estimated bills.

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“They have refused to meter our houses so they can continue to prey on us yet govt is not doing enough to change the narrative. It is not fair.

“It is ridiculous to compare Nigeria with Saudi, Dubai, or any other country, not even in Africa. With the natural resources that we have we could rule the world, but government is not interested. There is no need for this comparison because it looks like the President is defending fraud and the impoverishment of Nigerians.”

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