Mali: Soldiers pledge to restore stability, oversee transition to elections, soon


Soldiers who overthrew Mali’s president, Ibrahim Boubacar Kéita in a coup d’état also known as the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (NCSP) have declared their readiness to restore stability and oversee a transition to elections within a “reasonable” period.

NCSP spokesman, Colonel-Major Ismael Wague said they acted to prevent Mali from falling further into chaos.

According to Wague, “the social and political tension has undermined the proper functioning of the country for quite a while.

“Mali descends into chaos day by day (with) anarchy and insecurity because of the fault of the people in charge of its destiny. Real democracy doesn’t go with complacency, nor weakness of the s

While inviting the general public to join them in rebuilding the country, Wague assured the people that “We are not keen on power, but we are keen on the stability of the country, which will allow us to organise general elections to allow Mali to equip itself with strong institutions within the reasonable time limit.”

Wague said all international agreements will still be respected and international forces, including the UN mission in Mali and G5 Sahel will remain in place “for the restoration of stability”.

“The coup leaders also remain ‘committed to the Algiers process’ – a 2015 peace agreement between the Malian government and armed groups in the north of the country,” Wague said.

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