Hike in fuel price could heighten insecurity- ActionAid



ActionAid Nigeria on Thursday condemned the hike in the price of fuel as it said the action could further heighten insecurity in the nation and further explosion of crisis.

A statement by the humanitarian non-governmental organisation working to combat poverty and all forms of injustice in Nigeria, said it is working with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and other stakeholders to protest the hike.

The statement read: “ActionAid Nigeria totally condemns the hike in fuel prices. We are not out of COVID-19, a lot of citizens are losing their jobs, people are getting poorer, more responsibility with school closure, young people roaming the streets unemployed and fuel hike at this time is shocking.

“Governance is about easing the pain and burden of the common man, but it seems the Nigerian government is not in touch with the reality on ground.

“We are dealing with too many increases at the same time and this is introducing so much inflation into our lives. Governance is about the people. Instead of dealing with insecurity, we are taking actions that will further heighten insecurity because as the inflations go up and more people are plunged into poverty, there will be more conflict in our society.

“With the volume of energy we have in the country, it is disappointing that we are still not refining crude locally.”

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The statement quoted the Country Director, ActionAid Nigeria, Ene Obi as saying: “ActionAid Nigeria will be working with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and relevant stakeholders to amplify the voices and demands of the common man. The fuel hike is a disappointing move at this time.”

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